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Mayfair Diagnostics is pleased to announce we will be expanding our services in Saskatchewan to open a new clinic in Saskatoon. Set to open in August 2020, this clinic will help improve access to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services for residents in central and northern Saskatchewan.

Mayfair was awarded the contract to deliver publicly-funded, community-based MRI services in Saskatoon by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), as part of the SHA’s RFP process which also renewed Mayfair’s contract to continue providing MRI services in Regina.

“Being able to expand our partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority to provide community-based MRI services within Saskatoon is a great opportunity,” Mayfair Diagnostics Executive Chair, Dr. Shamir Patel said. “We are pleased to continue serving Regina patients with the extension of the contract there, and look forward to working with the Saskatoon health care community to support new neighbours and colleagues in Saskatoon.”

The new Saskatoon clinic will be located across the street from St. Paul’s Hospital, on the first floor of 210 Avenue P South in Saskatoon. As part of the contract Mayfair Diagnostics Saskatoon will provide a minimum of 4,500 MRI exams per year.

Saskatchewan has seen a growing number of patients referred for MRI in recent years, from approximately 39,000 patients in 2016 to 46,000 patients in 2019. The province has invested in adding capacity to help address increasing demand and wait times. They spoke to this at an announcement event February 19, 2020, held in the future home of Mayfair Diagnostics Saskatoon.

“Improving access to advanced medical imaging to Saskatchewan residents, including MRI, is a priority for our government,” Health Minister, Jim Reiter said.  “Expanding community-based MRI services to Saskatoon will benefit thousands of additional patients in central and northern Saskatchewan each year and help meet the growing demand for MRI exams across the province.”

Representatives from the Saskatchewan Health Authority were also on hand at the announcement event.

“The Saskatchewan Health Authority has worked closely with the Ministry of Health on the expansion of the community-based MRI program with the shared goal of improving access to diagnostic services for Saskatchewan patients,” Saskatchewan Health Authority Physician Executive Provincial Programs, Dr. Paul Babyn said. “Community-based MRI services have been provided in Regina since 2014 by third-party providers, and we are pleased to see these services expanded to Saskatoon.”


An MRI scan is often ordered when more detail is needed or the cause of symptoms is unclear on other types of imaging. It creates images by exposing hydrogen atoms within our body to a magnetic field to control the direction and frequency at which hydrogen protons spin. A radio frequency pulse specific to the “resonance” of hydrogen is directed toward the area of the body to be examined, while smaller magnets are turned off and on rapidly, in a specific way, to alter the magnetic field on a small, but localized level.

Because normal and abnormal tissue responds differently to an alteration in their magnetic field, a computer can interpret the data and convert it into a picture. Images can be taken of any part of the body from a variety of angles and directions.


The clinic is set to open August 2020, so booking will not be available until then. Once the clinic is open, both private and publically funded MRI exams will be available. Patients receiving public exams will be referred to the clinic through the Saskatchewan Health Authority, while patients opting for private exams will require a referral from their doctor.

In the meantime, construction is underway at Mayfair Diagnostics Saskatoon where we will be employing local, qualified staff for the new clinic.

For more information about Mayfair Diagnostics services, visit our services page or speak to your doctor.

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