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UPDATE: Mayfair Diagnostics Coming to Cochrane

Mayfair Diagnostics is pleased to announce the opening our newest clinic at 116 Grande Boulevard in Cochrane. Just across the street from the Cochrane Community Health Centre, our ultrasound, mammography, and bone density services will be available shortly to residents of Cochrane and Bow Valley corridor.

“Cochrane is a vibrant and fast-growing town and we knew how important it was to support the community by providing much needed local medical imaging services. We are very excited to get to know our new neighbours and the community,” says June Diment, Director of Marketing, Mayfair Diagnostics.

Centrally located in downtown Cochrane, Mayfair Diagnostics Cochrane can be found on the southwest corner of the Grande Boulevard t-intersection. The clinic will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Parking is free and is located near the front entrance of the clinic, within the plaza.

Patients can drop by to book an appointment or call our central booking number at 1-866-611-2665. You will need an imaging request from your health care practitioner in order to book an exam. Walk-in X-ray services are not available at this clinic, they will continue to be provided at the Cochrane Community Health Centre.

“Convenience is an important factor in helping ensure patients can access the medical services they need, when they need them. This is especially true for medical imaging services like mammograms or bone density exams which work best when they are performed at regular intervals,” says Diment.

Beyond the convenience, not having to travel to Calgary for bone mineral densitometry, mammography, and ultrasound medical imaging exams has numerous other benefits for patients at Mayfair Diagnostics Cochrane.


Bone mineral densitometry is a low-dose X-ray exam that measures bone density to determine the risk of fractures or osteoporosis. This exam is often first ordered at around age 50 and then subsequent exams may be recommended every two years. Since measurements can vary between machines, repeat tests must be taken on the same machine, or a new baseline will be needed.

Mammography is also a type of X-ray. It takes an image (mammogram) of the inside of the breasts and is the best way to detect breast cancer in its early, most treatable stage. A mammogram provides a detailed look at the internal structure of breast tissue in both men and women and can reveal changes that are too small to feel. This exam is often first ordered at around age 40 and then subsequent exams may be recommended every year or every two years depending on risk factors.

Mayfair’s mammography services in Cochrane will use the latest mammography technology – the GE Senographe Pristina Dueta mammography system, which is designed to increase patient comfort and reduce anxiety. With Pristina the patient is offered the option to use a handheld wireless remote control – called patient-assisted compression – to adjust the level of compression to what’s comfortable for her, under the guidance of a technologist. This is important because the more relaxed the patient, the easier it is to position and compress the breast, resulting in less radiation from the X-rays and a clearer image. A positive experience also makes patients more likely to return for regular screening, which is the most effective way to catch breast cancer early.

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to examine the organs, tissues, and blood vessels of the body for abnormalities that could be associated with your symptoms or physical condition. Mayfair sonographers have received additional sub-specialty training to allow them to better perform a wide variety of ultrasound exams, including a full range of imaging for expectant mothers through each stage of pregnancy – from the early, dating ultrasound to a detailed and biophysical profile.

Mayfair’s sonographers can also perform musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasounds, which look specifically at muscles and joints to determine the source of symptoms like pain. If an injury to a tendon or muscle is suspected, an MSK ultrasound can see if it’s intact or torn, helping determine the extent of the injury, clarifying if surgery is indicated, and assessing how well injuries are healing.

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