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Maybe you’re not feeling well, or maybe it’s time for your annual medical checkup. Either way, you’re at the doctor’s office. You discuss with the doctor your medical history and any new concerns, then the doctor performs a physical exam and asks you questions about any symptoms and your overall health.

If further investigation is needed, the doctor might also order blood or other lab tests, or medical imaging. To arrange these tests or imaging exams, your doctor will need to fill out paperwork requesting the specific test or exam and explaining why they are needed. This order is often called a requisition.

In the case of medical imaging exams, your doctor might then:

  1. Fax the requisition directly to the medical imaging company, and that company will call you to arrange your appointment.
  2. Give you the requisition for you to call the medical imaging company to book your appointment.


When requests for medical imaging are sent to the Mayfair Diagnostics Customer Contact Centre, each requisition is reviewed by a member of the team, and a radiologist if necessary. These forms are checked to ensure the following:

  • Accuracy – Is the requisition filled out correctly? Do we have all the pertinent patient information? Is the referring physician’s name and information included?
  • Appropriateness – Does the requisition include a medical history, symptoms, or presumptive diagnosis that provides a reason for ordering this exam? Will the exam requested provide the best chance of answering the referring doctor’s questions?
  • Availability – Is the exam requested one that Mayfair Diagnostics performs?
  • Special Considerations – Based on the patient’s medical history, are there any special considerations when booking the exam? For example, when was their last exam, do they have allergies, are there yearly steroid dosage concerns, etc.

After each requisition is reviewed, a patient experience coordinator will then contact you. Depending on the complexity of the exams being requested, this may take from 2-5 days after receiving the requisition from your referring doctor. However, urgent requests are handled immediately.

When Mayfair Diagnostics patient experience coordinators call to book a medical imaging exam we will, first of all, confirm with you the name of your referring doctor who ordered the exam. We will need to confirm some of your personal details to ensure they match what is on the requisition, but we will NOT ask for any financial information, and any personal details will be taken after we have confirmed your referring doctor with you.


Mayfair Diagnostics has 13 clinics offering variety of services across Calgary, as well as one each in Cochrane, Regina, and Saskatoon. You can visit a clinic in person to book your appointment, or you can contact the Mayfair Diagnostics Customer Contact Centre via the following options:

Please note that X-ray services are walk-in only. Be sure to check our X-ray information page for a list of locations that offer these services, and their hours of operation.

When you are speaking with one of Mayfair’s patient experience coordinators, you will need to provide your patient information, your referring doctor’s information, exams ordered, relevant medical history and any other information your doctor has included on the requisition. You may also be asked about special considerations and other pertinent information related to the exam.

Once we have all the information we need, the booking coordinator can discuss with you available times and locations for your exams. They will then explain any preparation instructions, driving directions, parking information, etc.

If you have the option to email or fax your requisition prior to your appointment, that would be helpful or you can bring it with you to your appointment. Please note that for certain types of appointments, such as vascular ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc., we will need to have received your requisition from your referring doctor before we can book your appointment.

Mayfair Diagnostics offers email notifications and, if you provide your email address, we will send you an email confirmation of your appointment with a link to exam and clinic details, as well as a reminder email prior to your appointment.

For more information, please refer to our services page for a list of our services and the locations where they are offered.

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