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Jessica Flower

Jessica has been working with Mayfair since 2015 and became clinic manager in 2021. She is trained in mammography, automated breast ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry, and pain management.

Jessica is trained in mammography, automated breast ultrasound (ABUS), bone mineral densitometry and pain therapy. She works closely with other modalities and areas of Mayfair to establish and standardize protocols. Jessica also works with radiologists and quality assurance to maintain and enhance image quality, and helps coordinate training for newly hired X-ray technologists. 

In her free time, Jessica loves to get outdoors and stay active, as well as enjoys traveling and cooking.  


Medical Radiology Technology (Radiography), British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2015 


Medical Radiation Technologist, Radiological Technology [MRT (R)], Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists 


  • Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologists 
  • Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists