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Mayfair is pleased to partner with the Pregnancy Infant Loss Support Centre (PILSC) to support their Bereavement & Beyond virtual fundraising conference.

On June 6, 2021, from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., this conference will bring together medical professionals, mental health and well-being practitioners, authors, bereaved parents, and interested community members to educate, advocate for, and connect all those who have been impacted by pregnancy or infant loss.  ⁠

“At Mayfair Diagnostics, we are often a part of our patients’ pregnancy journey and appreciate the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization to support our patients,” says June Diment, Director of Marketing for Mayfair Diagnostics.

The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre (PILSC) is a non-profit registered charity that helps families obtain grief support on their path to healing after pregnancy or infant loss. Their team offers a variety of services that address each stage of the bereaved journey for all the members of a family (such as the birthing person, partners, grandparents, and siblings) who have been touched by loss.

Mayfair’s partnership with PILSC began in April 2021. In addition to the upcoming Bereavement and Beyond virtual conference, our partnership will support some of the organization’s other program areas. Mayfair is also launching some internal initiatives to engage and educate our employees in order to better serve our patients and support our community at large.

Ticket sales from the Bereavement & Beyond conference will be used to help fund the organization’s Journey Through Grief Mental Health program running. This program saw a 219% increase in families seeking support across Canada and North America in 2020. In the midst of a mental health crisis, all funds raised are an important contribution in keeping PILSC’s mental health services available during this critical time.

“We are pleased to have Mayfair support our upcoming conference. It’s an important initiative that will help keep our much-needed mental health program running at no cost to those who need it. No one can heal in solitude. We are better together,” says Aditi Loveridge, founder and CEO of the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre.

PILSC’s peer-support programming is open to any family member to provide ongoing, long-term support that addresses the unique needs of their community at every stage (initial grief, trying to conceive, pregnant again, and parenting post-loss).

They also provide inclusive care within pregnancy and neonatal loss communities. PILSC is the only organization in Canada that is proactively addressing the impacts that pregnancy and neonatal loss has on people who identify within diverse and marginalized communities.

PILSC was founded by bereaved parents who help drive the focus of what programming gaps still remain for the community and offer support in a warm and non-clinical setting. Although it is based in Calgary, PILSC has virtual programming that is available across the country.

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